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Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fitting General Information

ferrule fittings, double ferrule fittings

SD range of double ferrule fittings work on the proven principle of two ferrules swaging to the tube when tightened. As the nut is tightened the front ferrule swages on to the tube making a prominent leak-proof seal and the back ferrule makes a positive impression on the tube with the help of back cone of front ferrule hence making a strong hold on the tube. Make and remake of the fittings is very much eased, as nuts are silver plated internally to prevent galling of threads. The identification between Metric and Inch fittings is made very simple with the help of stepped shoulders in metric fittings.

The standard material that is used in making SD range of instrumentation fittings and tube fittings is SS316. These are also made in brass, Monel, Hastalloy, and incoloy as and when required by the customer. Various International Material Standards are used for conforming the chemical requirements of the raw material.

Typical raw material specifications head
Material Bar Forging
Stainless steel BS970 316-S31 BS970 316-S31
DIN 4401 DIN 4401
ASME SA479-316 ASME SA182-316
Brass BS2874 CZ121 BS2872 CZ 122
ASTMB 16 Alloy 360 ASTMB124 ALLOY 377
ASTMB 453 Alloy 345
Monel BS3076 NA13 BS3076 NA13
High Duty Bronze DGS 1043 Grade 2 DGS 1043 Grade 2
Hastelloy C276 ASTMB575 ASTNB574
Incolony 825 BS3076 NA16 BS3076 NA16
6Mo UNS S31254 UNS S31254

Raw Material Reference
Tubing Selection
Proper selection, handling, installation of tubing in combination with SD range of instrumentation fittings and tube fittings are very much essential to ensure a perfect leak-proof joint. Selection of tubes is based on the material hardness, wall thickness and surface finish.

Tubing Selection Data (Metric/ Inch) for maximum working pressure
Recommended maximum working pressures (bar) for 316 stainless steel and 6Mo tubes to ASTM A-269. (in inches)
Of tube
Tube wall thickness (Swg/inch)
33/.010 30/.012 22/.028 20/.036 18/.048 16/.064 14/.080 12/.104
1/16 385 465 680 865        
1/8     345 515 600 805    
1/4     265 315 465 635    
5/16     205 275 380 515    
3/8     170s 205 275 380 480  
1/21       155 205 275 380 450
5/8       120 170 240 310 380
3/4       105 140 195 245 300
7/8       85 120 170 225 240

The working pressures in the above table are based on actual tests on ASTM A-269 tubing with a safety factor of 4:1. They apply to a metal temperature range of -20°to + 100°C.

For working pressures of monel tubing, multiply the above ratings by 0.8.

Recommended maximum working pressures (bar) for 316 stainless steel and 6Mo tubes to ASTM A-269(in metric)
Of tube
Tube wall thickness (mm)
0.5 0.7 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0
2 700 660          
3 450 480 685        
4 275

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