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Our Swivel Tee of many specifications, sizes, series and parts are available in best quality to serve the various clients in the global market. These are manufactured with premium grade quality materials to satisfy the required purpose of the clients greatly. Our range of Swivel Tee is supplied based on demand from the clients either in general or in specific ways.
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Male Connector

Swivel Tee

METRIC SIZE TUBEL250 Kg/cm2612142712266M12 X 1.5SwBT6L
81417291427.58M14 X 1.5SwBT8L
10171930152910M16 X 1.5SwBT10L
121922321729.512M18 X 1.5SwBT12L
152227362132.515M22 X 1.5SwBT15L
160 Kg/cm21827324023.535.518M26 X 1.5SwBT18L
2230364427.538.522M30 X 2SwBT22L
100 Kg/cm22836414730.541.528M36 X 2SwBT28L
3546505634.55135M45 X 2SwBT35L
42556063405642M52 X 2SwBT42L
H630 Kg/cm2614173116276M14 X 1.5SwBT6L
81719321727.58M16 X 1.5SwBT8L
1019223417.53010M18 X 1.5SwBT10L
1222243821.53112M20 X 1.5SwBT12L
142227402234.514M22 X 1.5SwBT14L
400 Kg/cm21624304324.536.516M24 X 1.5SwBT16L
2030364826.544.520M30 X 2SwBT20L
25364654305025M36 X 2SwBT25L
250 Kg/cm23044506235.55530M42 X 2SwBT30L
38556072416338M52 x 2SwBT38L

Male Connector

Swivel Tee

INCH SI ZE OD TUBE6000 PSI1/4"0.550.671.260.621.061/4"M14 X 1.54SwBT
3/8"0.660.751.220.591.123/8"M16 X 1.56SwBT
1/2"0.870.941.490.821.251/2"M20 X 1.58SwBT
3/4""M27 X 1.512SwBT
1"1.421.752.121.181.921"M36 X 216SwBT
3000 PSI1 1/4"1.731.972.441.382.161 1/4"M42 X 220SwBT
1 1/2"2.162.362.791.572.481 1/2"M52 x 224SwBT
2000 PSI2"2.52.753.071.913.112"M60 X 232SwBT


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